Let's Play

Games & Tournaments

Commitment: Players are expected to commit to attending practices and games over the course of the season. Fees are based on the number of games that the team’s Head Coach wants for that season, and gym rentals fees, first aid, supplies and club insurance. 

Game Schedules: The majority of games and tournaments will be local (within 5-50 min drive) and some teams may occasionally be out-of-area (Sacramento, Reno, LA, etc.) and may require an overnight stay. The Head Coach will select the appropriate number and location of tournaments. Once the game schedule is finalized, it is expected that players will attend all games and be ready to play. Tournaments are on weekends. Schedules for the tournament are commonly released on Thursday before the weekend games.

Traveling & Game Expenses: All costs associated with travel to tournaments such as uniforms, transportation, parents and fan admission to games, food and hotel stay are the players family’s responsibilities and are not included in the seasonal fees.