Volunteer Form 2014-2015

Alameda Vipers Volunteer Form 2014-15

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I agree to be read the National Athletics Union (AAU) Codebook and specific to Part III, Article 303 and Disqualification (reference AAUSports.org website). I also agree to purchase and submit a copy of the AAU Non-athlete Membership Card for the year 2014-2105. I agree to sign the Coach’s Code of Conduct Form. I recognize that I am volunteering for this position and that I am doing so at the will of the Alameda Vipers AAU Board of Directors. I can be asked to resign at any time, based on, but not limited to personal conduct as well as Article 303 of the AAU Codebook.
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This document includes: Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement, Medical Release Information, General Information, Alameda Vipers Code of Conduct, Player Code of Conduct, Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct, Parent/Guardian Commitment and Photo Release.
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